Thursday, 15 December


Thursday, 15 December

MVMNT Fitness – GPP

Combo: 3 Rounds: NFT: RPE 8: (No Measure)

12 DB Shoulder Circuit (Front Raise/Lateral Raise/Rear Raise)

1min OH Farmers Carry

-1min Rest-

Tempo Press (1/1/3/1) (15mins to Build to Moderate:
5 Tempo Press (1/1/3/1)*)

*Eccentric/Full Range/Concentric/Isometric*

Medeiros Machine Madness (1.0) (Calories)

1) Cal Row
2) Cal Bike
3) Cal Ski

Hit the same calorie total on all machines and progress numbers as your fitness level increases.

*Score is ONLY the calorie goal you’re able to successfully complete for the entire workout*
Increase 1-2cal from last week .

*Choose same calorie goal for EACH MACHINE*