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At MVMNT Fitness Center we support people in doing what they are ready to do. What we have found is that each member has a specific limit that changes from day to day and is largely affected by things outside the confines of the gym. Rather than encouraging people to put all effort into a workout we do our best to figure out what approach works best for each person in the gym and what push they need in order to progress in the way that is most beneficial in his or her life.

Most times improving fitness is not about putting in more effort in the gym. Most people go all out in the gym one day and then pay for it in the next few days, and our approach is a bit different. Pushing to limits is great, but going from part one to part five while skipping two, three, and four leaves people overworked, increases the risk of injury and continues to feed this idea of needing a bigger hammer to get the job done. Improving fitness is simple and in our gym, we use BALANCE as our guiding principle to ensure our members’ success not just in surviving the workout today, but in preparing bodies and minds to overcome obstacles – simple, but not easy.

Our goal is to practice a GROWTH MINDSET and use the gym and movements within the gym to explore different obstacles and practices by which to overcome them. Most days are more mental than physical and we ask that people show up with positive effort and with a positive attitude – this is a requirement but this is also not easy. Some days are tougher than others and everyone has different stressors in life as well as different situations by which he or she is tested.

At MVMNT FITNESS CENTER we practice and we ALL support one another.


No matter the class or the format of contact, we dedicate ourselves to the ever growing and constant progression of relationships with our members. Anyone can tell someone what they think that person should do, but at MVMNT we will constantly choose to prioritize advocating what will progress the relationship we participate in with our members.

The dynamic of coach and athlete is complex and, with respect to the complexities, there is no right or wrong way to workout. When it comes to fitness, the most important thing is that people are working to improve their health and striving to improve their positive perspective on life. The job of a coach is specific and easily blurred – a coach is required to work with an athlete to draw out the most wonderful version of them.

Anyone can go into a gym and get sweaty all by them self. Our coaches dedicate to making the sweat mean more than fuel for lifting more weight, or getting faster times. Our coaches push athletes to progress the positive mindset that lights the stars on fire. We want to put good into the world and we are forced to work with people who want to see good in the world, but just don’t know it yet – we love it.


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