Thursday, 08 August (0123)


Thursday, 08 August (0123)



If (you) are a member a the gym and you know someone who is looking to workout, OR even better, someone who doesn’t have working out on their radar, then send them our way. Just give them my number or ask if you can give his or her number to (Zacq).

We want to grow, not just because growth means we’re thriving, but also because we feel we have something we can use to help some people be a bit more happy(!)

MVMNT Fitness – GPP

A: Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds: NFT:

10 Alt. Cross Body One Arm KB Deadlift

10 1/2 Deadbug (Lower) + Wt. OH Reach

10 Banded RDL (Pull Through)

B: Deadlift (10-8-6-6-6)

87.5% Rel Int.


C: Metcon (4 Rounds for distance)

4 Rounds:

30 KB Swings

1min Max Meter Row

-2min Rest-