Kelsey Cronin

I work full time and am a full time college student. Plus a mommy and wife.

You’ve never made me feel bad about my physical abilities or my weight. You know how to push people when they are ready to quit. I had just had a 6 month old baby when I moved to mountain home and still had a lot of baby weight. You talked me into coming to the gym and I instantly loved it. I loved that I worked out with other moms who understood where I was. I suffered a lot from Postpartum depression and was in the lowest place I’d ever been in December – I eventually ended up quitting. You texted me to make sure I was ok and told me, “I am here for you need anything and the gym is here when you’re ready to go back to class. I ended up finding out we were moving to American falls for my husbands job and was super sad to be leaving because I loved the gym I was A PART OF. I have found other gyms around here but nothing is the same.

I would 100% recommend people to work out with you. You understand that not everyone is in the same shape and you make adjustments to each persons ability with out making them bad or embarrassed. You help with proper technique which is huge in my eyes.

-Kelsey Cronin, 25