Calysta Watson

I’m a food blogger and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

From Crossfit Meanstreets. You had just began coaching there some years back. You were very humble, grounded, HELLA ATHLETIC, a lovely soul, you really knew your shit and stayed outside of the typical ‘CrossFit hotshot attitude’ and made training all about… training! When you coached me your attitude and approach made completing the workout actually possible and fun!

Your attitude and vibe are fantastic. Sure you have the skills but many people do. Many coaches don’t have the right attitude that enables them to CONNECT with people and thus assist them in reaching their fitness goals. Working out on a regular basis (in my opinion) is only possible if the right environment, vibes and connections are made in that space.

I’d recommend people work out with you because you are able to tune in to who they are as a human being, your skills enable you to lead and partner with them to reach their fitness goals and your kinda dope and fun to be around. Win-win-win!

-Calysta Watson, 42