MVMNT Fitness – GPP


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Teams of 2 Complete

6 Minute Cumulative Dead Hang Hold

*Every Break Perform

800m Run

30 Push Ups

Hang and Run are together, Push Ups are shared

If solo, drop Push-ups to 15

*On 3 2 1 go, partners start hanging from a pull up bar. Make sure you watch the clock. Once one person on the team drops look at the clock. if you hung for 30 sec subtract that from 6 min (5:30). After you check the clock complete an 800m run (to the stop sign at the end of Denton and back). After the run, you and your partner shares 30 push-ups. After 30 push-ups are done go back to the bar and hang once again until one of the partner drops. If you do 45 sec subtract that from the remaining 5:30 (4:45). So on and so forth until you and your partner accumulate 6 min of hanging or 35 minutes has elapsed.
35 Minute Time Cap

Additional Optional Muscle

Body Building

5 sets:

10 Curl to Press

12 DB Row each arm

15 Ring Face Pulls

Rest as needed