Kyle Lewis

Hello, my name is Kyle Lewis. I’m 31 years old. Outside of exercising and competitive fitness I am a husband, nurse, and avid lover of camping, hiking and anything outdoors. I am a firm believer that great businesses and great people should be recognized for their efforts. Coach Richard has helped me realize and reach personal goals of mine I once thought not possible. Fitness and health can be filled with complex choices and motivations. Before finding CrossFit I was on a confusing fitness path with no real or attainable goals. After finding a better understanding of fitness I had a better idea of what I wanted from myself and my fitness goals. But it wasn’t until I started being coached by Richard that I narrowed down what I truly wanted from myself. Coach Richard is a phenomenal coach, and all around stellar human being. Watching him coach other members and myself it is evident that he truly cares about you and what drives you. His knowledge of fitness and how the body works is immense, and his ability to find what motivates and what works for you is second to none. In order to effectively realize and reach my personal fitness goals I couldn’t have done it without Coach Richard, and I have full confidence he can help you find and reach yours also.

-Kyle Lewis, 31